How To Decorate a Room With Accessories Without Overdoing It


How To Decorate a Room With Accessories Without Overdoing It. There's a method to the madness when it comes to how to decorate a room with accessories. Trust me there is. Stop feeling intimidated and turn your room into a bangin space with these easy home decor tips.Sometimes a room can feel a bit empty even after you’ve decorated.Furniture is right, you’ve got the perfect curtains, area rug and pillows, but something is missing. And that something is accessories and when I say accessories, I mean things like vases, picture frames, trinkets, flowers and even books (and yes books can be used as accessories! why not?)  There are lots of areas that you can accessorize like a coffee table, a nightstand, side table or even a bookcase, but there's also a method to the madness of accessorizing.  Trust me there is.Now the rumor is that it can feel a bit intimidating when it comes to using accessories to decorate a room.I get it, but it doesn't have to be intimidating.Not at all.Maybe you go a bit crazy and overdue it with accessories or maybe you feel like you don’t use enough accessories.Whatever the case may be, the truth is that the room you spent so much time getting just right, ends up looking like you abandoned your decorating project.All half assed looking you know?And who wants that? I sure don’t want that for you!Well stop stressing home girl. I’m here to help you tackle the big issue of how to decorate a room with accessories and I promise that if you follow these 5 easy tips, your room will look nice and finished.So let’s get to it then.

How to Decorate a Room with Accessories: Use Odd Numbers

Now depending on the size of area that you’re trying to accessorize, whether it’s a bookcase, coffee table, nightstand, side table; whatever it may be, it’s best if you place your accessories in odd numbers.A minimum of three items work best for a small area like a side table.  Now for let's say a coffee table (since these tend to be bigger), you may want to take it up a notch and go for 5, but I wouldn't go passed that number since it can be super tempting to keep adding on the accessories.And then what happens?  Say it after me: now repeat, you go overboard with the accessories! and that's what we're trying to avoid to decorate a room with accessories

How to Decorate a Room with Accessories: Mix It Up

Now that you know about the odd number rule and keeping it simple with a group of three accessories, it’s important that I school you on making sure that you’re styling your area right.What I mean, is that you should mix things up.  Do this by using one of each of the accessory types that I just spoke about.In other words use one picture frame, one vase and one trinket. Now they don’t have to be in this order, you can choose any three from the list as long as they total three.Now don’t get me wrong you can use three of the same accessory, like three picture frames, but it will look boring and boring you are not. So don’t do it, unless you try this trick.

How to Decorate a Room with Accessories: Use Accessories With Different Heights

The only exception to the rule about not using the same three accessories is if you use different sizes of the same accessory and what I mean by different sizes is, different heights.In the design world this is called the triangle look and triangles can be different sizes and angles too in case you're wondering.  Check out the pic below to check out what I mean.How to Decorate a Room with Accessories

How to Decorate a Room with Accessories: Try Different Materials

You want to make your accessories pop against your furniture and the best way to do this is to use a different material than that of your furniture.  For example, say you have a wooden coffee table, try a gold or glass vase instead of wooden ones.  They'll be harder to notice when they match the material of your coffee to decorate a room with accessories

How to Decorate a Room with Accessories: Use The Stack Trick

Let's say you have some accessories stashed away that you want to use, but they are all the same height. Don't get your panties all in a twist, you can always sit them on something to give them height, like a stack of books or a tray.How To Decorate a Room With Accessories

How to Decorate a Room with Accessories: Go Easy

Simple is always best when it comes to decorating.You wouldn't want to create a cluttered looking space now would you?  Didn't think so.I can't tell you how many times I see people go overboard with accessories.  It's sad, but you won't join the group of the sad.  At least not if you follow these tips I'm giving you.Not sure if you've gone overboard?  If you can't see the surface of your nightstand, coffee table or whatever it is that you're accessorizing, then it's crystal clear that you've gone way overboard with you decorating.Easy right?  I try.There you go!  Not only have I schooled you on how to decorate a room with accessories without going overboard, but I also blessed you with some styling tips.You're welcome. Now if you’re still feeling stuck about piecing together your decorating puzzle,  I can help.   Just click here and hit me up.