How To Decorate For Valentine's Day: No Cheesy Tips Here


Gosh is it Valentine's Day already?  Oh Lord!Why oh why does it seem as if this holiday was just yesterday?Lot's of people get all sentimental and gushy this time of year, but not me.  As a matter of fact, I almost forgot about the holiday yet again this year, which means that I have to add to my To Do List: Buy a vday card for the hubs (damn it!)I know that not everyone is such a VDay scrooge like me, so in case you are going bananas trying to put your room together for the perfect Valentine's Day, I got you covered. Now your room doesn't have to be all decked out in heart wreaths and garlands (pretty corny in my opinion). Put a spin on it and add touches of valentine's day inspired items instead, whether it's all in the red color or heart details, the pieces that I'm about to share with you just scream L-O-V-E for me.So here's my love inspired list to help you solve your "how to decorate for Valentine's Day" problemo....How To Decorate for Valentine's (1)Red Heart Paperweight $40 //  Love You Print $24.97 //  Vase $5.95  //  Heart Plaque $129   //  Headboard $279  //  White Heart Paperweight $14.95  //  Marble Heart Box $36  // Pillow $5.95  //  Red Tray $49.95  //  Love Trays $18-21


This little piece is perfect for adding some color to your bookcase, nightstand or coffee table.  Isn't it cute?

Love You Print

This is soooo cute especially for a kids room.  Show your little one just how much you love them with this colorful and inexpensive print.


I'm so in love with how sleek and sophisticated this vase is, yet it's still laid back enough for any type of decor style.  Love it!

Heart Plaque

This is super cute and the words that are imprinted on it make it even more heartfelt.  Adorable!


Okay shut the front door!  This headboard is tha bomb dot com!  I fell in love with this one as soon as I laid my eyes on it.  So chic and so sophisticated.  Perfect addition of color to any room.  Btw, don't the curves resemble a heart or is it just me?  Just saying!

White Paperweight Heart

This can work by placing it on a stack of colorful books or a cozy coffee table to help it stand out.

Marble Heart Box

Check out the cutest thing ever!  I love how the gold arrow takes it to another level.  Perfect spot for stashing away your jewelry.


How about some pillow talk?  Grab this pillow while you can.  Perfect without being so Valentiny (is that a word? whatever) lol


I'm so loving this red tray with it's vibrant punch of color and the gold details are fabulous!

Love Trays

OMG how cute!  Place these in your foyer to catch your keys or loose change or better yet to place your love notes for your significant other.There you have it home girl!Now, I don't want to hear anymore whining about how you don't know how you're going to get your crib all ready for Valentine's Day because I just showed you how to decorate for Valentine's Day woman!So go on and put something sexy on for your man and get to celebrating! wink, wink.

Your turn!

So what's up?  Which of these cute items are you going to incorporate into your room design?Are you still feeling stumped ? Then let's hook up and work together on putting together the room of your dreams.Signature