How To Decorate Your Room: 5 Decorating Tips For Couples


  Decorating for two?  Don't you let the invasion of that special someone ruin your home decor.I'm here to save the day and show you some fail-proof tips on how to decorate your room when you have to share your space with another.

Wall Color

Pick a neutral wall color that the two of you can live with.  Try a nice grey, brown, green or perhaps a blue.  If you are a bit spunkier and need a more vibrant color, go with a darker shade of that color.  It will be easier for your hubby or guy friend to stomach if your color choice isn't as soft and feminine.  He'll thank you for thinking of him!Via the Nest - Photo By: Mark Lund

Sprinkle Bits of Your Style/Personality

Have fun with it!  Pick items that speak to who you are.  Your room should always reflect who you are and here is where you can take advantage of selecting items that balance out the room and give it your personal stamp.Via The Nest - Dennis Design GroupVia The Nest - Dennis Design Group

Disguise The Eyesores

Don't like your spouse's couch, chair or another furniture piece that they own?  Try reupholstering it, slapping a slipcover on it or painting it a color that will blend well with your decor.Via The Nest - Peter Margonelli of Doug Wilson Designs

Bring In Textures

Come to a compromise with your selections for throw pillows, duvet covers, rugs, etc.  Play off of your paint color choice and/or accessories for a unified look.Styling by Elkie Brown.  Photography by Jon Day for Heart Home Magazine


Balance out the feminine touches in the room with some simple, yet striking patterns.  How about a neutral bold stripe?Via The Nest - Photo credit: Tria GiovanIf you are loving these tips, but want one-on-one help with decorating your room, I invite you to get more information on my e-Decorating services here.  We'll work together to transform your room.