How To Organize a Small Closet: No Hardware Required


Organizing anything is not easy.   It's one of the reasons we procrastinate about getting it together.  That and the fact that organizing is stressful AF.  I know it is for me, but I also get that once I finally get it done, my life feels so much lighter and less stressful.  How To Organize a Small Closet

Adding to the mix that your closet is small doesn't help because I know you're trying cram everything and it's mother up in there.

Pump the breaks.

I'm going to help you to put a few simple systems in place, your life will become easier and when life is easier, everything just flows better.  Less stress remember?

Now we would all love a big walk-in closet, with a pretty chandelier, chaise and all that, but we need to snap back to reality and remember that we are not a Kardashian.

Us regular people just aren't blessed with that kind of space (at least not those of us living in NY at least).  Space is something that we aren't blessed with so with that said I'm here to help you with a few easy tips on how to organize a small closet.

Sort and Purge

Take everything out and then put in three piles:

  1. Keep
  2. Toss
  3. Donate

Yay! you did it.  That wasn't easy.  I know.  Stay with me, you're almost done.  Let's tackle the first pile - Keep.  You're going to split it into two piles: 

  1. Everyday Wear
  2. On Occasion Wear

Because you are limited with space, you want to separate the two piles (this will make sense later, I promise, just keep reading).  Your toss and donate pile will get tackled at the end once you've dealt with your closet (plus - it's easy since it's obvious what you have to do with them).

Measure and Measure Some More

Measure the inside of your closet (take measurements of the depth, height and width).  You'll need these numbers when you're out buying things for your closet like bins, baskets and organizers. 

You'll want to make sure that everything fits (the least amount of return trips to the store, the better for you).  While you're at it, go ahead and take a few pics of your empty closet so that you can remember what it looks like when you're out shopping.

Retail Therapy

With your measurements and pics in hand, it's time to go shopping for a few things aka the fun part.  You'll need some baskets, hanging organizers, shoe organizers, hangers, etc (depending on what will fit-remember that's why you took measurements).

Below I've shared some options for you for each.


These are perfect for placing your "On Occasion Wear" high up top in your closet (top shelf works best).  You'll want to keep all of the items that aren't used as much out of reach and the most used items close within reach.   When the seasons change, all you have to do is swap items.  Simple right?

How To Organize a Small Closet-baskets


Okay so I might've lied a bit about the no hardware part, but to me a screwdriver doesn't count as hardware since it's a tool, so I guess I didn't lie.   Hooks are perfect for belts, scarves and hats.  These can go on your wall or the back of your door for space saving purposes.

How To Organize a Small Closet-hooks

Shoe Organizer

Some nice floor shelving will do the trick or a shoe rack.  Easy and simple enough.  You don't have the room for racks to store your shoes, so floor shelves will have to do.  Sorry.

How To Organize a Small Closet-shoe storage

Hanging Organizer

This is where your every day wear comes in.

I love these for tops or sweaters.  They're great for making the best of the limited space in your closet since they don't take up a lot of space in your small closet.How To Organize a Small Closet-hanging organizer

via Ikea


Another solution for your every day wear like jeans or slacks. I Love, Love, Love these hangers here.  They allow you to hang multiple items, instead of using single hangers.

How To Organize a Small Closet-multi hanger

Decorate It

There's nothing like adding some color or a stencil to your walls for some drama.  If this is something you want to do, make sure you decide before you start putting together your closet.  I will say that it'll be worth it.

How To Organize a Small Closet-color

There you have it!

Simple tips on how to organize a small closet.  Just because it's small doesn't mean it can't be tamed.Tell me in the comments below, which tip are you going to run with and implement to get your closet together?