New Year: Learn How To Revamp Your Room


2015 is in full effect! yeah baby!  Now I must be getting old because I slept right through the countdown (or maybe it was that alcohol I was sipping' on-wink).  All I know for sure was that I was on my third dream when that ball dropped.

Now that that's out of the way, with the start of a new year comes change, growth and all that other woo woo stuff.  You know?  Self growth; what I call the good stuff.

It's the time to sit back and see what we are going to do differently this time around, whether it be to lose weight (like me!) or exchange the old for the new or simply upgrade what we have, which leads me to giving you my tips for how to revamp your room.  You know like give it a new look.

Now hold your horses.  This ain't gonna cost you a lot. I'm not talking about tearing down walls and shit, just a simple touch ups, sort of like botox, but for your room. 

Want to know what I mean?

Good.  Let's begin.

How To Revamp Your Room: Rearrange Your Furniture 

You'd be amazed at how different a room looks just by moving around some furniture. If you love what you already have, then this is all you need for a fresh start.  Not so much? Then keep reading.

how to revamp your room

How To Revamp Your Room: Add Some Pretty Patterns

Using the the same boring bold colors is just that: boring.  Switch it up.  Live a little. Add some pretty patterns.  Enough said on that.

how to revamp your room-image-2

How To Revamp Your Room: Replace Your Lighting

Still using that ugly looking light fixture that came with your place?  (Please say no, pleeeaaase).  Okay, well if you said yes, I won't laugh.  I got you covered.  Time to start stalking the lighting department at your fave decorating store.  Try a pretty brass, or something with a bold color.

how to revamp your room-lighting

How To Revamp Your Room: Style Up Your Bookcase

Bookcases aren't just for books anymore.  I mean, you should have books in them, that's why they're called bookcases, but don't be afraid to dress them up.  Add some pretty bookends, paperweight, wallpaper, just please dress them up.

how to revamp your room-bookcase

How To Revamp Your Room: Put Up Some Pretty Shelving

No room for a bookcase? How about some pretty shelving.  You can add some books as well as pretty picture frames and nick nacks.

how to revamp your room-shelves

How To Revamp Your Room: Add Some Color

I couldn't forget the ol' paint tip.  A gallon of paint can go a loooong way with transforming a room.  Not sure which color to go with?  Here's a quick tip: check out your closet for some inspiration.  I bet you it's filled with colors that you love.  Still not convinced, then go the safe route and just add a colorful pillow, but I'm sure you're going to go the bold route right?  It's the new year and it's time to try something new, so take your butt over to the paint store now.  Well not now, now, like right this instant, finish reading this post and then go. okay?

how to revamp your room-bold

How To Revamp Your Room: Let in Nature

Smile everytime you walk into your room with a fresh bouquet of flowers.  They smell good are pretty to look at and brighten up a room in an instant.

how to revamp your room-flowers

How To Revamp Your Room: Swap Out Your Artwork

It's all about change here.  Swap out one or two of your art pieces.  Don't want to do that, then try switching out the frames.  Instant makeover!

how to revamp your room-artwork

How To Revamp Your Room: Tidy Up With Some Storage 

Contain the clutter please!  This is a struggle for me, so I feel your pain, but it's something that I'm going to continue to try and perfect, who am I kidding, it's a work in progress.  :-) Use baskets, wall hooks, bins.  They all work for keeping the clutter out of sight.

how to revamp your room-storage

How To Revamp Your Room: Be Bold

This is my favorite tip and maybe it's because I'm a daredevil and love to defy the rules.

I mean try something new or take a risk with something that you've been wanting to try for some time, but just haven't been able to get balsy about it.  Maybe it's a bold statement like black walls, a bold patterned wallpaper, whatever it may be, just do it.  You can always change it back.

how to revamp your room-black walls

Your turn!

So there you have it some quick tips on how to revamp your room for a fresh start. Loving these tips, but still trying to figure out how to revamp your room?  Let's talk.

Live happy!