Stay Cozy This Winter With These Inexpensive Home Decor Finds


Winter is my least favorite season, perhaps it has to do with being a June baby (I LOVE Summer!)?, but any old way, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite [highlight background_color="" text_color="25a6a6"]inexpensive home decor finds [/highlight]that help to keep me all toasty and cozy throughout the dreadful bitter cold (can't you tell how I love winter?).  They include [highlight background_color="" text_color="25a6a6"]soft/plush textures[/highlight] and much more!I won't keep you waiting, so onto the big reveal...

inexpensive home decor for the winter season


I don't know about you, but I'm ready to slip my feet into those super cozy slipper socks and robe, curl up on that chair, with one of my fave books, plush throw and winter mug filled to the top with some hot cocoa and lots and lots of marshmallows! Yummo!

1. Blackout Curtains $44.99 a pair2. Scented Candles $1 - $13.60 3. Throw Pillow Cover $34.004. Plush Robe $39.995. Wing Back Chair $3996. Wool Area Rug $2977. The Alchemist: Spiritual Book $8.998. Slipper Socks $14.949. Cozy Throw $24.9910. Winter Mugs $20 for set of 4Let's chat!  What are your favorite items to cozy up with during the winter season? Do they include a good book, plush throw or warm fuzzy socks?  Tell me all about it by leaving a comment below!