Learn How To Finally Introduce Color Into Your Room Without Regretting It Later

The word color can make you feel all type of ways from cozy to happy to overwhelmed. 

Because I know just how overwhelming decorating can be in itself, picking colors is even more overwhelming so I'm going to make this quick and share my no fail and easy tip to help you learn how to finally introduce color into your room without regretting it later.  Because let's face it, I know there've been way too many times you tried to add color to your room and you either got it all wrong (your reality didn't match your vision) or you just gave up because you had no clue what you were doing.

Well that ends today!  Your boring beige room will be transformed!

Let's get to it...

Learn How To Finally Introduce Color Into Your Room Without Regretting It Later

There are soooo many colors out there including all types of shades of a particular color.  So let's take green for example.  There's regular plain green, forest green, emerald green, pastel green and even other kinds of greens that have weird names that no one can pronounce (I never understood that btw - who creates these crazy ass names for colors?!).

Anyway, what I find to be the easiest way to introduce color is to stick to the softer shades of a color.

Let's say you love the color purple so instead of picking a deep purple pillow or curtains, go with a lighter shade of purple like a lilac or lavender.  That way it won't feel all in your face intense.  It's a way to ease your way into color and getting comfortable with the idea of color.If you want to start even smaller and aren't ready for colorful curtains or pillows, then try adding color with flowers, art work, or even small statues or trinkets.  What you don't want to do is get all bold and introduce a lilac rug or even worse, couch right away.

Check out the pic below to see what I mean ...

Learn How To Finally Introduce Color Into Your Room

Slow your roll and start small and build your confidence first.  Then once you're feeling good about color, then try to go down the color spectrum a bit and try deeper tones of a color.  So instead of a lavender or lilac, go for an actual purple color or a similar shade of purple.

Oh and for those of you that love dark and cozy rooms and can't stand the sight of soft colors, stick with me.  What you're going to do is bring in those darker colors with your furniture or larger pieces like your sofa, coffee/console table, etc. What you're creating is balance in your room so that it still feels cozy even with the softer shades.

So that's my tip for you.  Easy right?

Now that you've learned how to finally introduce color into your room, I want you to try this at home and let me know how it goes in the comments section below.

BTW if you’ve tired of trying to get this decorating stuff right on your own and need some help, Hit me up here!