The Forgotten Pillar of Wellness and Why You Should Not Ignore It

I've been hearing all the craze about wellness everywhere I turn, especially on social media.  You know the 3 common pillars of wellness: mind, body and soul, but what's missing is the forgotten pillar of wellness: environment!

Let's see from what I can remember there was Mental Health Awareness month in April, World Suicide Prevention Day in September, Mental Illness Awareness Week last month and all this doesn't include making self care a priority EVERYDAY.  I'm exhausted just typing all this up! Seriously!

So all this got me thinking....

Why aren't the other pillars of wellness more talked about?Why is our environment always forgotten about? 

I couldn't understand or wrap my head around it.  How can we be in alignment or well-rounded women when one of these areas or our lives needs a tune up?  We can't be.

Let's break this down a bit.

We have the mind pillar.  Basically your mental health. 

  • Are you taking the necessary steps to keep your mind in check? 

  • Are you pulling out the tools in your tool box to keep your mental health in check when it gets out of wack?

  1. self-care

  2. journaling

  3. therapy

  4. grounding work (spending time in nature, etc)

  5. breathing exercises

These are just a few that I can think of off the bat.  Maybe you OD on all of these or maybe one works just fine for you.  The key here is to figure out what works for you and use it!

Then there's the body pillar. 

  • Are you taking care of yourself physically? 

  • Are you nourishing your body with healthy food? 

  • Are you eliminating junk food from your diet or reducing your intake of it because we all have cheat days let's keep it real? 

  • Are you moving around?

And look not everyone can make it to the gym.  I'm one of those people.  We live in Jersey, but we commute into the city everyday since my husband works in the city and the kids are in school in the city.  Then I have my biz and all the work that goes on behind the scenes to keep that running, plus errands so squeezing in time for the gym, for me, is hard AF!  I'm well aware that gyms are open either 24/7 or late, but I'm not trying to get home at no 12a from the gym.  I'm not.  So what works for me and keeps me moving is walking.  Plus I LOVE to walk (not run bc I don't even run for the bus! lol).  I will either walk the Williamsburg bridge, which I haven't done in a minute or just walk around the neighborhood.  It's therapeutic for me and works around my busy ass schedule.  I pop in my headphones and call it a day.  So do what works for you.

I’ve been hearing all the craze about wellness everywhere I turn, especially on social media. You know the 3 common pillars of wellness: mind, body and soul, but what’s missing is the forgotten pillar of wellness: environment!

Next is the soul pillar. 

A lot of people's favorite ( Honestly I feel that there's way too much hype around this because people get all caught up in moon rituals, sage, crystals and everything else that they avoid doing the work to heal their soul).  Just my opinion.

None of the other pillars in my opinion will work to "fix" you, unless you start healing from within.  That means peeling away all of the layers of conditioning that you've accumulated throughout the years, tackling face on any childhood traumas, forgiving those that have hurt you and so on.  Your soul needs healing and without this important piece, your wellness will never be in a good place.

Lastly is the forgotten pillar of wellness, environment. 

It baffles me that this one gets looked over so much because think about it.... 

Let's say you have all of the other three pillars on check, but your home is a mess and doesn't make you feel good.  How will you be good?  How will you feel good? 

It's the equivalent of buying a Benz and filling up with regular gas.  Who does that?  Like really?  Why go through all that hard work to get a luxury car, but then you treat it like shit.  Same goes for us.  Why beef up all of the common 3 pillars and leave your home untreated?  Why work your ass off to buy a house or move out on your own all to leave it looking like a hot mess?  It just doesn't make any sense to me!

What's the point of going through all that work with improving your mind, body and soul if you are going to continue to come home to a space that doesn't elevate you?  I could never wrap my head around that.

More importantly, are you paying attention to what your home is trying to tell you about yourself? Our home speaks to us, believe it or not. Check this post out here where I break this down.

So what are you going to do today to change your environment?  How are you going to elevate you so that it matches your new vibration?  Are you going to shop for a new piece of furniture or change up the accessories in your room to have it match your style and personality?

And look, I get how hard it is to shop for a room.  It can be overwhelming AF!  So I went ahead and put together a quick list of some of my fave home decor stores to help you out because at the end of the day, I want to see you transform your room.  If you want it (it's free, just enter your 411 at the end of this post).

I want to hear about it in the comments below and if you're tired of struggling with getting your place to look like home all by yourself and have come to the conclusion that you need help, then hit me up here.