Learn How To Measure Your Room & Avoid Screwing Up Your Decorating Project


Learn How To Measure Your Room- Avoid Screwing Up Your Decorating ProjectSo you're thinking about buying some things for your place, but have you taken the time to measure your room yet?

You need to because if you've skipped this crucial step, your decorating project is going to sink.  And by sink, I mean sink fast.

To your defense, maybe you don't know how to measure a room. It can be intimidating and even confusing.

I get it.

I also know how excited we can all get when it comes to shopping for things for our room, but slow your roll for just a bit and plan.You have to plan to make sure your decorating project goes easy peasy.  That's how we can avoid mistakes as well as dropping some f bombs (my way of expressing myself when I'm frustrated.  I'm just sayin').What I mean by plan is measure. Measure your room so that you can get the perfect sized furniture for it.

Not sure how to measure a room?

Sit tight and imagine this for a quick sec:Falling in love with a chair that you see online.  Purchasing it and then anticipating it's arrival.  You refresh the UPS site every second to see if the tracking info has updated.  Oooooh you just can't wait to get your new chair, curl up and read a good book in it.Then the day is finally here. It arrives, you tear the box open like a 3 year old on xmas eve, put it together and wait for it.....IT'S NOT THE RIGHT SIZE.  Now that's a fucking bummer!Now all of that could've been avoided if only you planned appropriately and just measured your room.Before we get to measuring your space, you should draw up a rough sketch of your room (floor plan).  This doesn't have to be all perfect and professional looking.  This is just for your eyes to see and it'll help you for when you need to jot down your room measurements.  I've jotted some tips for you below on how to draw up a room as well as how to measure a room:

Here are some simple instructions on how to measure your room

What you'll need:

  • a pencil
  • paper
  • measuring tape
  • a friend would be nice

1. Use your tape measure to measure each wall, corner to corner. It’s easier to hold the tape measure on the floor to measure.

3. Measure and write down the ceiling height.  Place the tape measure on the floor and pull the tape up towards the ceiling (this is where that friend of yours comes handy, to help you to hold the tape measure in place)4. Now, measure each window from the floor to the bottom of the window, and again from the floor to the top of the window. Then measure the width of the window and write down all those measurements.When you finish the first wall, total the measurement; it should match the first overall measurement. Continue this process around the room, and note the measurements on your drawing.Bonus tips:It's a good idea to also take a measurements of any furniture that you plan on keeping in the room just in case you plan on moving your furniture around for a better flow.As far as taking measurements of your existing furniture or any items that you'll be keeping in your room.  It's simple.  Just make a note of the length, width, height and depth of each item.That's it.Now that you have you've figured out how to measure your room and all, you can get to splurging on your room.Permission granted.

So there you have it!

My easy tips on how to to measure your room.  If you’re still feeling stuck with decorating your space & need one on one help, hit me up here.