Moving On Up For The New Year


[highlight background_color="" text_color="25a6a6"]I can't believe how fast 2014 came! WOW![/highlight]

This forced me to look at my biz and see how I can really start to do things bigger and grow while I'm at it. With that said, I wanted to share with you a little project that I've been thinking about for some time; creating YouTube video tutorials. I've gotten some feedback from you guys saying that visuals would really be helpful on basic decorating tips.I must be honest though, I've been procrastinating about launching this project. Why you might ask? There are a few reasons, but the main one, I'm really shy! So to get in from of a camera and talk is a big deal for me, but I've decided to it anyway.About a couple of weeks ago, I purchased my camera and tripod and picked up some really cool iMovie tips on YouTube (boy the things that I've learned on YouTube, I tell ya!). Today, I decided to unpack my treasures and test them out. Next thing I know, I'm just talking into the camera; no script, no makeup, heck, just me and my pjs. While I was rambling on, I realized that I set myself a goal of one month to get this video out on YouTube! (darn!) Then I said to myself, "self, why don't you just post this on YouTube?". There is no better way to make yourself accountable then by publicly setting a goal and so that is exactly what I did.Enjoy! Oh and Happy 2014!!! :-)[highlight background_color="" text_color="25a6a6"]Your turn! [/highlight] How are you stepping out of your comfort zone to accomplish a meaningful goal? [highlight background_color="" text_color="25a6a6"]Tell me all about it by leaving a comment below.[/highlight]