Benjamin Moore's Wall Color Trends 2014 & My Fave Picks


With 2014 right around the corner, you might be thinking of ways to spruce up your room.

Why not try a new wall color? It'll be the perfect way to welcome in the new year (saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new). Oh and let's not forget that it's one of the cheapest ways to bring your room back to life.

With that said, Benjamin Moore has released their Color Trends for 2014...23 colors in total! I'm really excited about their picks because they are wall colors that all seem to work nicely together; making it easier to coordinate.

I've gone ahead and selected my favorite wall colors picks from their bunch just for you: (you can thank me now or later)

Disclaimer Alert, Disclaimer Alert:  You'll want to keep in mind that colors may vary depending on the settings on your computer.  For true life colors, take a visit to your local benjamin moore store.

Now that, that is out of the way, back to what I was saying.

Since I'm feeling extra cool like that today, I wanted to give you a few things to remember when picking a new wall color for your room:

Mood and Feel

How do you want to feel when you walk into your room?  How do you want to feel in your room?

Warm and cozy? Try a darker shade for your walls.

Bright and airy? Go with a lighter shade instead.


How will you be using your room? What activities will you be doing in your room?
Let's say you have kids, then painting your walls a stark white might not be the brightest idea.


Is your room dark or bright? How much lighting do you plan on adding to your room? These are important questions to keep in mind when you are deciding on the shade of the color for your walls. If you have poor lighting, you may want to go with a lighter shade of a certain color to brighten up your walls or vice versa if you have good lighting, then try a darker shade for a vibrant look.

Truuussst me when I say to pllleeaaasssee don't forget these 3 things when making that final decision on a paint color. It will save you tons of headaches oh and let's not forget mullah down the line.

Your turn!

Which color made you smile?  Was it more than one.  Let me know all about it by leaving me a comment below.