Moving Pass The Fear

How do we move pass the fear and forge towards our dreams?One thing that gives me the kick in the butt that I need is that old Nike slogan, "just do it". It's like that annoying nagging person that won't go away, but for some reason serves a huge purpose in your life. Simple right? Not so much! Fear can be so crippling. It's that critical voice that is constantly trying to overpower the other voice that speaks from your soul. It's a constant fight! It's that so called intellectual voice that thinks it knows everyhing and is always trying to make sense of things, but the voice that truly matters is the one that speaks from your soul. Speaking from experience, your soulful voice will not quiet with time. Nope it will get louder as the years go by and if you choose to continue to ignore it, the rest of your body will join in to make you take a hard listen. For me that came in the form of migraines, irritability, feeling stuck, etc. So for all who are feeling stifled by fear to follow your dreams or simply to try something new, I say to you in the words of Nike----"Just Do It!". It also helps that I can't go a day without running into a pair of those sneakers, just nagging me to move forward with my next goal In pursuit of my dream. It also doesn't help that my hubby has a closet full of Nikes, which by the way he tries to claim that he's had for years, but I know that he really just sneaks them in the house whenever he buys a new pair :-)Another motivator for me are my kids because they are so fearless. Come to think of it, I think the only fearless people in the world are kids! You ever notice how they don't have a care in the world? No cares to what others think of them, no cares of how well or bad they do things, they just don't care and i admire that so much. It's amazing what you'll notice when you just step back and observe.I remember when I first got the idea to start a blog. That know-it-all voice told me, "Jules what are you thinking? You're no writer. Who will read it? Just keep your thoughts to yourself". And then I thought to myself, "what would my 6 year old say?" He'd say, "why not mommy?" and so I did! One of the best pieces of advice that I ever followed.We need to stop standing in the way of our dreams. Learn how to silence that know-it-all voice and look deep within yourself and listen to your soul! So what if nothing comes from it, but at least you moved forward and confronted your least you tried and that's way better than just always wondering what if.