When You Work Towards Your Purpose, Magic Happens!

I've been extra busy since my last post and as a result, I have great things to report!-Unit 3 Project mailed in a couple of weeks ago (can't wait to hear my Professor's feedback!)-I've started an awesome part time job (Thanks Pupita!)  It so makes the process of easing back to work great since I can still spend time with the kids.  My son is sooo happy-he keeps saying that we are rich again! (too funny-if he only knew)-I've finally narrowed down the focus of my biz.....To provide affordable online interior decorating services to reflect the individual's style.So here's my short term To Do List for bringing my dream to life: (such exciting and nerve racking things to follow-but def more exciting than anything!)-Register my Biz Name-Finish my business plan-Meet with an attorney for advice on possible trademarking issues-Order biz cards-Update my homeowner's insurance policy to cover my home business-Open a biz bank account-Set up a biz phone line or perhaps an answering service-Source web design services (perhaps I can find a student or intern who can take on building my website??; I don't like any of the free templates out there-quality reflects professionalism)-Purchase a Design and Accounting Software-Finalize pricing of services-Finalize a mission statement-Brainstorm logo ideas-Continue to work on a list of store resources (furniture, home accessories, rugs, etc)Although fear is still alive, for some reason it isn't as prominent as it once was.  I guess that with every step that I am closer to realizing my dream, the fear is subsiding.  With this comes along a greater sense of confidence and fearlessness.This is a really exciting and rewarding time in my life and I'm so ecstatic to be sharing such an awesome experience with the world.As I continue on my path, I encourage anyone out there who has a dream that they might think is ridiculous or out of reach, to please reconsider and put one step in front of the other and JUST DO IT!!Follow Your Passion and Find Inner Peace!!