Patiently Waiting...On My Floor Pouf

While I anxiously wait for my baby girl to arrive, I've decided to catch up on some projects on my Crafting Projects To Do List around the home (perhaps I'm nesting and getting closer to meeting my bundle of joy?! Oh boy I hope so!)So first item to check of my list.....a floor pouf for use in my living room.  I'll need something to prop my feet on while I'm nursing or just plain relaxing.  What's great is that I can double its use as seating for the boys while they watch tv, which they'll love since it's nice and cushiony or maybe they'll just end up throwing it at each other :-).So here is my finished project!

If you want to try this simple project for yourself (the instructions seem intimidating at first, but once you start, you'll see that they are fairly easy to me), you can follow this simple tutorial that I used on, a blog written by a mom of 3, Susan.  I customized mine to my liking by making a bit taller and leaving out the handles, since I don't plan to move mine around much
The pretty fabric I purchased at one of my fav fabric stores in nyc, Zarin Fabrics for $50 for 2 yds (which will be enough for 2 ottomans) using my Living Social discount deal---luv a good deal!  I was able to get the deep orange piping at a steal for $6 for 4 packs (you'll need 2 packs for 1 floor pouf) and 3 bags of fiberfill for $9 each (I used 1 1/2 bags of fiberfill for 1 ottoman).  
DIY Ottoman Materials
[highlight background_color="" text_color="25a6a6"]Total spent on both floor poufs, about $83 bucks!  woohooo, what a savings![/highlight]


What DIY projects have you tried lately?  Please share by leaving a comment below.  I might just take a stab at it.