Renew and Revamp Poster Frames

Since money has been extra tight in the Jamison household lately, I've been using left over materials from my old projects to revamp things in our home.  You see, I get bored very quickly and so when I grew tired of our poster frames, I decided to kick them up a notch and paint them black for a cheap poster frame makeover.  I feel that it gives our space a cozier feeling!

Revamped Poster Frames

This is what they looked like before.... (a bit too glam for the mood I'm trying to set)

Before Revamp
This project was very simple and can be extremely inexpensive if you want to try it at home yourself.  You'll need:

-Foam Brush (about 50 cents)-Acrylic Paint (about $1.50)-Sand Paper (about $2)-Painters Tape (about $3.00)-leftover newspaper, paper towels, cardboard or basically anything that you can find so that you don't mess up your table surfaceThe first thing that you'll do is remove your poster from your frame, then using your sand paper, sand down the frame (this is necessary so that the paint adheres nicely to your frame)  You don't want to skip this part, trust me, I've done so in the past and after about what seemed like a hundred coats later, let's just say that I sounded like a true sailor! lolAnyway back to my instructions...then using your painters tape, affix it along the edge of where your frame meets the glass like so...

Dust off any remaining dust particles, then using your foam brush and acrylic paint, begin to paint your poster frame.  Allow about 2 minutes for one coat to dry before applying your next coat of paint. I wanted a deep black color, so I applied about five coats of paint for my project.

Then ..... (drum roll please...) revamped poster frames!
What's so awesome about this project is that as soon as you want to change your color scheme again, let's say for a new season, you can simply follow the same instructions using your new color choice for whenever you want to revamp your space!  Who knows maybe one day I might want to glam up my space again and I can just simply repaint my poster frames again, but for now I'm happy go lucky with my black poster frames!
Before I sign off, I would like to first wish everyone out there a very Happy 2013!  May this year be the year of positive change for all of us and may it be the best year ever!!
Second, I would like to introduce our little precious Leah Emma to the world! We have truly been blessed! :-)))))))))

Follow Your Passion and Find Inner Peace!!!