Project Accomplished!

I am excited and proud to announce that I have finally finished painting a design on the bay window wall of my living room!Take a look at my before and after pics below....

I was going to use wallpaper, until I read about a great DIY project, a painted wall trellis (mentioned in Ada Gonzalez's Monday's Make It blog).  Here is the link which also includes the step by step instructions  This was soooo much cheaper...I spent about $15 bucks for the materials!!  I loved this DIY, but just wasn't sold on any of the patterns that were shown, they were beautiful, but they just didn't fit my personality, so I waited until I found something that spoke to me.  Then, while watching Shania Twain's reality show, Why Not?, I spotted this pattern and took a picture of it with my phone.  (the fabric was on the interior walls of her bus).  Inspiration for me comes at the strangest times...I know...

The project took me about 3 weeks to complete, but it was well worth it.  I had to work on it after putting the kids to bed and in between nap time so it took me much longer than the instructions said that it would, but that's ok because I love how it turned out.  I was looking for that extra punch in my living room and this gives me that!!I tend to complete projects around the house (sanding, building, spray painting, you name it) when I have a lot on my mind or going through a tough time.  Last week I experienced a terrifying husband had a stroke...he's doing great now, but during this still trying time I needed to remain sane and what I did was this is the result!  I hope you like because I love!  Another project of mine was the work space that I created for myself in the Dining Room a couple of months ago when I started my Interior Design Course.. check out the before and after pics.  I didn't have much space to work with so I made good use of the vertical space by installing shelves for storage of supplies and books.  For a personal touch, I displayed my inspiration cards and a fabric swatch on a couple of cork board frames.  Still need a pic for that frame, but didn't I say that I would be practicing for the big day! :-)

Before - Corner in my Dining Room - 30" wide
After -Wonderful Work Space for about $60 bucks

Follow Your Passion and Find Inner Peace!!!