Patience is a Virtue

Life has been pretty busy lately with four birthdays in the month of June including my own and my now 2 yr old son, Landon!  I had plenty to plan with no room to squeeze in any study time for my Interior Design Unit 2 Course, which I initially gave myself a deadline of June 30th (this is when the perk of studying on your own time is really awesome).  Normally or I should say in the past, I would've been really hard on myself and would've tried to somehow squeeze in some time, time that I didn't have, in finishing up the Unit 2 course, but I'm now VERY proud to say that I am growing...with the help of my Therapist.  It's been 5 years since I started seeing Norma ( can't believe it's been that long). I'm finally starting to let my guard down or maybe it's because I've grown to trust Norma over the years or maybe it's because I' m just plain stubbourn as hell or maybe a bit of everything...who knows?, but the great news is that it's sinking in and I'm finally making some progress. So with all of the temptation in the world, along with all of the strategizing that I did in my head, in trying to figure out how I was going to make this all possible. I stopped myself, in the middle of concocting a solution to my problem. Norma should be so proud because I know that I am! I remembered that if I am going to make a change for the better, I need to remain present in the moment and just soak in the process.  In other words, stop being on auto pilot all of the time.  Applause please (I'm clapping!).... this is a BIG step for me.  So STOP I did and as a result, I was able to enjoy my son's party and for a long time, I really felt in the moment.  I genuinely enjoyed myself.  So in the end, I put off studying to concentrate on planning my son's party along with finalizing some other important matters in my life.  During all of the madness, I did receive a wonderful surprise on Facebook...maybe it was really a gift for my accomplishment this month?  It was really nice to have been named the winner of Ada's giveaway......some awesome Interior Design Magazines! Those are my magazines down there that I received late last week in the mail!! Pic courtesy of Ada's Interior Design.

Earlier this month she held a contest via Twitter and Facebook and I was selected as the winner! (sooo exciting)  So this weekend, I will escape from the kids and hubby and enjoy a good read or shall I say more honestly, try to escape.  So in the end, patience paid off and at the same time reminded me of a rich quote that I came across recently:“It is a mistake to try to look too far ahead. The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time.” – Sir Winston ChurchillFollow Your Passion and Find Inner Peace!!!