So You Banned Wayfair: Now What?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, last month, Wayfair was called out by their workers and customers for fulfilling an order to furnish the detention camps at the border.  Some argued that the current conditions at the border were horrendous and this helps to make their stay better (aka coughs bullsh*t).  Many, like myself argued back saying that if the conditions were really the important factor and not profit, then the items should’ve been donated instead. 

I ranted about my feeling on this issue on IG and if you caught it, then you know that I even ceased my working relationship with Wayfair. 

I use to part of their design team, but after I learned about what went down, I ended that relationship and I stopped sourcing items from them for my client projects. If you caught it, you’ll remember that I mentioned how I’ll be ceasing my working relationship with them and I did just that.

Here’s the email thread of what went down:


We have sooo much power in how we spend our money.  People Of Color are the biggest spenders so I’m a firm believer that if a brand does something unethical that you’re not down with, then just simply stop buying from them! I mean my 14 year old son is still crying because I won’t drop 100s of dollars on some Kanye West sneakers. Oh well! He’ll live (both of them).

Hurt them where it will make an impact aka their pockets.


Money speaks louder than words unfortunately.  These big retailers have the upper hand in how they do business and that means that at times, they can conduct themselves in ways that are offensive and get away with it because well…they have tons of money, but what they don’t realize is that things are changing in this world we live in.  So I did my part and if more of us do the same, I’m sure these big retailers will change their ways and that’s a start.

Now if you’re with me and stopped shopping from Wayfair, you’re probably wondering where you’re going to shop now.

Well, I got you.

Here is a list of other home decor retailers you can use instead of Wayfair to decorate your home:

If you didn’t catch all of this on social media and the internet, click here to see what went down. Feel free to form your own opinion.

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