How To Create A Me Time Corner In Your Small Room With These 3 Essentials


Small spaces are hard to live in, but that doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice on some key things for your room, like a me time corner.

Life gets complicated, it gets hard, it's exhausting especially for us that wear many hats like ... mom, student, entrepreneur, 9-5 employee, and whatever other hat you can think of.

Can you see why it's so important to have something for us? A spot where we can regroup from all the madness and do something relaxing for ourselves.  You're probably thinking to yourself that you don't have the room to create a me time corner, but let me tell you that all you need is a corner.  Yes, a corner.

Let's break this down real quick... 

Now most rooms have four corners, so dedicating one of them to a self care space should be a no brainer.  So whether you pick a corner in your living room, bedroom or wherever, just pick a room, pick a corner and get started because you need this in your life.

So now that I've pointed out that you have plenty of corners available to create a me time corner, I wanted to give you a starting point with some key pieces that you'll need to create one of these spaces in your room.

Let's get started....

How To Create A Me Time Corner In Your Small Room

How To Create A Me Time Corner: Chair

This one is a given.  Now you might be thinking that your corner is small, but not all chairs are the same.  Chairs come in so many sizes (from huge loveseat like sizes to narrow enough to fit in the tiniest of corners).  So measure your corner to see what size chair will fit best in your corner. 

Now if you've got hips like me and need a decent size chair, but don't think it will fit in your corner. Then go with a floor pouf instead of a chair because it really allows you and your hips to spread out and just chill.  This also works nicely if you want to create a meditation corner in your room or if you just find a floor pouf to be more of your style. 

How To Create A Me Time Corner: Wall Art

Now that you've crossed a chair off of your decor list, let's make the space pretty and one of the ways to do this is with art work. 

There are so many different styles of artwork out there. A couple of my fave spots for affordable artwork are Society6 and You can even get creative with some affordable ideas like these here.

Now if you want something to really warm up the space and make it feel cozy, you can go with a wall macrame like this beauty here.  I love it because t's narrow enough for a small corner, but still big enough to make a statement.

The idea here is to create a focal point and dressing up your corner with wall art will do just that.

How To Create A Me Time Corner: Lighting

Lighting helps to not only set the mood in a space, but helps if you want to do some reading in your me time corner. 

You can go with a floor lamp and place it behind your chair if you don't a large corner to work with, but if you want to save even more space, try a wall sconce. 

They come pluggable now in the case you don't have an electrical source to hardwire it like this one here, which I have in my bedroom.  There's always a work around to everything.

So those are the 3 essentials to create a me time corner in your small room, but if you happen to have just a bit more space to add some extras, I got you.

Here are some more items you can add to your corner to make it even more special:

Side Table

Yes, you can squeeze a side table in your small corner and the ones that work best for a small corner are round laptop tables like this one here.

Laptop tables are the best because they can be tucked right under the chair so they take up less room. Genius I know! Plus round tables work best in a small space since they take up less room than something square or rectangle shaped.

Wall Shelf

Now if even a round laptop table won't fit in your corner, you can always add a wall shelf instead. It will also help you with storage.

You've heard me talk about wall shelves being a must in a small space in this post here because when it comes to a small room, your walls are your best friend. I have even more tips about small spaces and how to survive in one. Click here to see me break it down.


Along with artwork, a rug will really make your corner pop. All you need is a small one like this faux sheep skin rug. It will help to define the corner area in your room.


Plants not only clean the air in your room, but they are so soothing. They also help to add texture and color to a room. I mean they are everything in a room! You can even hang them from your ceiling with one of these plant hangers. These are perfect for a corner since they don't take up any of your valuable floor space.

So there you have it!

3 essentials to help you create a me time corner in your room plus a few bonus items I threw in just in case you want your corner to pop even more.

I hope that you can bring at least one of these tips into your small room because you deserve this me time corner in your room.  If you’re tired of struggling with getting your place to look like home all by yourself and have come to the conclusion that you need help, then hit me up here..