Soften Up Your Room with Pastels


Easter is a short time away.Something about the time of year that makes pastels really stand out to me and so I thought why not add it to your room and soften it up a bit?So here are some pastels that I've put together from some of my favorite affordable home decor sites. Enjoy!pastels Tray (personalize it with a monogram) $66 / Art $69.99 / Curtains $39.00 / Rug $149.95 / Pillow Cover $12.95 / Beaboard Wallpaper (it's paintable! how cool right?!) $39.00I must say that out of all of these items the beaboard wallpaper really wowed me!  It's such an affordable alternative to cutting up all of that wood and hammering up your walls for some pretty beaboard.[highlight background_color="" text_color="25a6a6"]Your turn to share! [/highlight] Which item can add to your room to add some softness to it?  Let me know about it in the comments section.  I hope that you don't stop there, go ahead and [highlight background_color="" text_color="25a6a6"]spread the word to your friends on social media[/highlight].Live Happy!Signature