Show Your Bed Some Love: 13 Easy DIY Headboard Ideas


Your bed should be the statement piece in your bedroom.It really should, but some of us don't even have a headboards and could really use some DIY headboard ideas because let's face it, headboards can be pretty pricey.Your bed doesn't have to be left alone and looking all bare.  So I'm here to bless you with some DIY headboard ideas so that you can dress up that naked bed of yours.And trust me, these DIY headboard ideas are easy because I don't like anything complicated.  Who has time for anything difficult.  I sure don't and I'm pretty sure you don't either.Am I right?Thought so.

DIY Headboard Ideas: #1 Use Fabric

This might just be the easiest project of them all.  Simply pick a fave fabric and hang it from a curtain rod.  Easy peasy!diy headboard ideas 

DIY Headboard Ideas: #2 Wall Decals

I'm such a fan of wall decals.  Why buy an expensive headboard, when you can just give the illusion of one with wall decals?  They are super easy to use and don't damage your walls--oh almost forgot to mention, they are also reusable and affordable.DIY headboard ideas 

DIY Headboard Ideas: #3 Repurpose a Canvas

This is such an easy project to do (don't believe me?  Check out this easy tutorial).  Grab some fabric and get to stapling!diy headboard ideas 

DIY Headboard Ideas: #4 Use Foam Boards

They're not only for science projects you know?  Come and check out how I used foam boards to create a fabric headboard for my daughter.

DIY Headboard Ideas

DIY Headboard Ideas: #5 Use a Room Divider

Simply tuck behind your bed or for a sturdier solution, nail it to your wall.  It will be sure to dress up your bed instantly!diy headboard ideas

DIY Headboard Ideas: #6 Window Shutters

You've probably seen doors repurposed as headboards, but check out how cool window shutters look.  It's the perfect piece for adding some shabby chicness to your headboard ideas 

DIY Headboard Ideas: #7 Frame Wrapping Paper

Find a couple of frames or one large on and insert some pretty paper for a stunning piece of headboard ideas 

DIY Headboard Ideas: #8 Stencil It Up!

Such an easy alternative and you can customize to your liking with your choice of paint color.  Go on and get all creative! I won't tell!diy headboard ideas  

DIY Headboard Ideas: #9 Use Wallpaper or Even Paint

Create a focal wall by painting a section of your wall.  Want a bit of drama?  Use headboard ideas 

DIY Headboard Ideas: #10 Gallery Wall

Group some artwork or picture frames and turn them into a gallery wall.  Lay out your pattern on the floor and trace out your items.  Check out the rest of the how to steps in my easy tutorial headboard ideas 

DIY Headboard Ideas: #11 Placemats

They can have more that one use.  Don't think that they can only be used for the table.  Nope!  Group a few together to span the width of your bed and add a few more for some height.  Tie together with similar color thread, velcro or adhere to a poster board and hang behind your bed.  Instant headboard!diy headboard ideas 

DIY Headboard Ideas: #12 Wall Art

Try to look for large pieces when shopping.  Just a couple will do.  Take a look at this picture for some inspiration.  Pretty right?diy headboard ideas 

DIY Headboard Ideas: #13 Use Planks

I love how these instantly warm up the room.  You can get extra creative and paint them to match your color headboard ideasPheew! My fingers are tired from typing away. No more excuses for having a plain bed because you now have 13 easy DIY headboard ideas to doll up your bed.

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