Some Shocking Things You May Not Know About Me


We've gotten a bit tight, you and I, throughout the years.You've spent some time on my blog getting your decorating knowledge up and everything, but it feels like all we talk about is home decor.  Some Shocking Things You May Not Know About Me. Some Shocking Things You May Not Know About Me We’ve gotten a bit tight, you and I, throughout the years. You’ve spent some time on my blog getting your decorating knowledge up and everything, but it feels like all we talk about is home decor. So I wanted to spice things up a bit this week and get a bit personal so I wanted to share with you some things you may not know about me or maybe you do.So I wanted to spice things up a bit this week and get a bit personal so I wanted to share with you some things you may not know about me or maybe you do.Let's get to it.

I Was A Teenage Mom

Scared, nope.  Scared shit. Understatement, but close enough.I was 17 and instead of deciding on which college I would attend senior year of high school, I was instead trying to figure out how I was going to raise my baby, while being a baby myself.I ended up attending a community college full time while working full time (that degree was my goal and I was determined to get it because at the time, I had a little life to raise).It wasn't easy.  Not at all.  In fact, it's been the hardest thing that I've ever done in my life and my proudest moment (I graduated with baby in tow!), but I can still remember arriving home dead tired and feeling guilty as fuck because I wasn’t a constant face in my little girl’s day.I was grinding.things you don't know about meMy special time with my baby girl was during sleep time.  I would move her to my bed when I got home late because I knew that she could feel me holding her and hear me whispering in her ear just how much I loved her.And it paid off.She’s respectful and beautiful and thanks me everyday for all that I’ve done for her. She’s in college herself now..and is about to turn 21 in a few months.  How and when? I don’t know because I still feel 20 myself and can’t believe how fast time has flown by, but through it all, I'm super proud for raising such a beautiful baby girl (she'll always be my baby girl).Btw, things didn't last with my high school sweetheart, but about 10 years later, I met my now husband and including my daughter, we now have 4 kids together.

I Battle With Depression

Most days I win, but there are days that I surrender and I'm okay with that now.Surrendering.What started it all was when I was molested around 12 years old.Then in my adult years, I took on the role of superwoman and trying to be everything to everyone.Then my third child was severely burned about 6 years ago and I quit my job on the spot to care for him.Then my husband had a stroke a year later and we almost lost our house, etc, etc, which you can read more about here if you're into underdog stories.  It's good, I promise.Shit, I think back and can't even believe that I have lived through all of this, but I'm good now and with the help of my therapist have learned to live with depression.

I Played The Clarinet For 7 Years

Not by choice though.I really wanted to play the drums, but that was an instrument "for boys only".Do you believe that shit?  My response (or close enough) to my music teacher, whose name I can't remember for the life of me right now (god bless him -he was so patient with me) back in junior high school when he told me that I couldn't play the drums.I was a little smart ass (still am) and so I got stuck with the clarinet and hated it.  Especially having to keep that stupid wooden mouth piece all moistened.  I still can't seem to forget that god awful taste.I must say that I was able to convince my music teacher to let me take a stab at other instruments and so I rotated between the triangle, tambourine, cowl bell and of course the clarinet.I played all of junior high and high school.  I've retired since.

I'm A Huge Foodie

I love it all as long as there aren't any mushrooms involved.  If I can see them, it's a wrap, if I can't, then I don't mind.Some of my fave foods, Spanish of course, Soul Food, Jerk Chicken, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Thai is okay, but sometimes the coconut can be overkill, but if it's the only thing on the menu, I'm down to eat it.Oh and I don't share my food. Nope.  (well maybe with my kids, but not without rolling my eyes through the ordeal)I take that back.  Let me rewind for a bit.  I shared my food with my husband when we started dating and that's how I knew he was the one.  I didn't chop his hand off when he stole food from my plate.  He was a keeper.Long story short, I have a special relationship with my food and if it's really good, I won't drink anything, just so I can savor the flavor in my mouth for as long as possible.I've been told that I have a problem.  They may be right.Whatever.

Music is My Jam

I'm kind of all over the map with my taste in music.Depending on what I'm into that day, I could be listening to Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, Gospel, Rancheras, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Reggae, Rap and Hip Hop (I'm an 80s to early 2000 hip hop head.  I stop there since besides J Cole and Kendrick Lamar, I can't really stomach any of the current so called hip hop that's out there at the moment including Jay Z post 2001 that is.  Also, I'd pick Nas any day over Jay Z - yeah I said it).

I Have a Potty Mouth

I would say that I've gotten better throughout the years because up until about my low 30s, every other word that came out of my mouth was f*ck.  I sounded worse than a sailor.I'll never stop cursing.  We go hand in hand, me and the f word that is.It's the perfect word to use to express how I'm feeling at the moment so if you can't stomach a few curse words, then I don't think we'd click and we should end our relationship now.Okay?  I won't be offended.

JLo Is One Of My Idols

She's a friend in my head or maybe that's just the Wendy Williams in me talking.
Yeah she may not be the best singer/entertainer in the world, but she's passionate about her craft.

She came from the bottom and has been at the top for some time now (i doubt she's going anywhere).  She hustles and most of all, doesn't give up.  She's broken countless records.  She's sassy, classy, and savvy and most of all doesn't give a damn about what people think about her.  She loves what she does and does it with lots of passion.When I see her doing her thing, I feel proud.  I've never met her, but she's one of my idols and we have a bit in common:

  • I'm Latina (not Puerto Rican, but Dominican/Guatemalan)
  • I'm a mother
  • I too have a big booty (in fact growing up I was called big booty Julie and I hated it, but when she came on the scene, I walked a bit taller)
  • I'm no fly girl, but I can dance my ass off
  • I'm successful
  • I'm fierce
  • I'm passionate about my craft
  • I'm from NYC (Jamaica, Queens)
  • I too have a dream and will see it through no matter what others have to say
I feel like she's one of the girls and could so picture myself just chillin' with her at a cuchifritos.

While Growing Up, My Bedroom Was In The Kitchen

Yup, you read right.

It was me, my three sisters and we grew up in a tiny studio apt in Jamaica, Queens.  Small as hell, but my mother did what she could with what she had.

My mother is a savvy little Guatemalan woman and was brilliant enough to take advantage of the fact that the kitchen was in a separate room.  So she got creative and put up a fake partition wall to create a bedroom for me and my big sis with bunk beds and all (I guess that decorating is in my DNA).  She was able to maximize the space.

It was embarrassing I tell you and I recall making excuses for friends not to come over especially since they all lived in houses overflowing with space.  I was so jealous.

I remember at night closing my eyes and imagining having the prettiest bedroom that a girl could ask for.

What I use to be one of my most embarrassing childhood memories is now what defines me as an expert at decorating spaces, especially small spaces.

There You Have It

8 things you may not know about me.  I'm sure there's more, but this is all that comes to mind at the moment.

Let's get to know one another a bit better. I don't want to be the only one sharing so go ahead and share with me something about yourself that I may not now.

I want to hear all about it so drop me a comment below.