Stop Thinking of Home Decor As An Expense: You Deserve It

When you take yourself shopping for shoes, an outfit or even splurge on a vacation, do you see that as an expense?

I doubt it.

You look at is as treating yourself, a reward, it's damn near a form of therapy...retail therapy that is.

You don't look at those expenses as expenses, instead they are a "I deserve this", "this is a reward for all the BS I've been dealing with" or whatever story you're telling yourself so that you don't feel guilty about spending money on something else that you don't need.

I always wonder why people don't look at home decor in the same way? Why is it considered an expense instead of a treat, instead of self care because if we're being honest, that's exactly what it is.

I wish people would stop thinking of home decor as an expense.

I meanour environment should be sacred. It should make us feel good. Our home is a temple and should be free of clutter and full of ONLY things that make us feel good. Things that embrace who we are. So why is it that so many people do not invest in transforming their space into a home? A space that reflects their style and personality. A space they can begin to create beautiful memories in?

I'll tell you why. They use money as an excuse!

I can't begin to tell you how many times people tell me that they want to hire me, but just don't have the money! Let's not even get into how affordable my rates are compared to other Interior Decorators - that's for another post, but I touch upon it here a bit in case you're curious.

It's so frustrating for me because I feel with all my heart, that everyone deserves to live in a space that makes them feel good. Everyone!

My response to people when they tell me that money is what is keeping them from decorating their room is that I ask them what really kept them from not purchasing that 20th pair of shoes. They usually tell me it's what they wanted and needed at the time. They had to have it.

Think about it! We will move mountains to come up with the money to buy yet another pair of shoes that we know we don't need, but investing in our environment, our space, out temple, we put to the back burner. We don't see it as a need or a necessity, but only a want.

It's f*cking mind boggling to me!

stop thinking of home decor as an expense

My life's mission is to help our community transform their space so they can have a beautiful space that makes them feel good. Our environment should be sacred because we deserve it. We are the priority.

So if we indeed feel like we deserve it, like we are indeed the priority, then why are we not investing in ourselves the way we should? Why is it that? I'll tell you that true transformations happened for me when I started investing in myself, wether that was by hiring a business coach to help me bring my business to the next level. That time that I hired a therapist to help me heal from my childhood traumas and even help me with my marriage. The changes, the real shifts didn't happen until I put myself first and invested in myself.

Because let's face it, once you're done buying the shoes, outfit or splurging on that vacation, where do you go next? Home right? So why isn't your home a priority. You go home to lay your head at night to a room that doesn't make you feel good and yet you do nothing about it?

If money is really your "excuse", I put that word in quotation marks, because we all know that we will come up with the money for something we deem important in the only quickness. You know something that we really want like a pair of Beyonce or Romeo Santos concert tickets, but for our well being, well that takes second place.

Marinade on that for a bit and once you're done, let's transform your room into a sacred temple, hit me up here for help.