The Silver Lining

So things have been pretty tough these past few days...financially that is, but today I had a wonderful catch up date with a close friend.She reassured me that all will be ok because it just always is and to be grateful for the time that I now have to focus on the special part of And so today I remember how lucky I am to be able to pick up my 6 yr old, Elijah from school everyday and witness his big ol' smile when he sees that all for me? 'Yes it is mommy', he says!!! What about the date that I have with my 2 yr old, Landon every Thursday at 10a-Tumbletime at the library? He doesn't stay still enough for me to read to him, but that doesn't matter cuz his smile is so precious!!!So while I'm here worrying about the small stuff (because money is small at the end of the day), I was reassured today of the gift that I've been given. What would this great journey be without a few road blocks? It wouldn't be worthwhile.Thanks so much Cindy for being the voice of reason and reminding me to focus on the silver lining!! :-)))