Avoid a Hot Mess of a Paint Job: 6 Things To Do Before You Paint Your Room


Avoid a Hot Mess of a Paint Job- 6 Things To Do Before You Paint Your Room + FREE printable checklistYou've probably thought of taking on a paint-a-room project yourself.You've done your research and know how painting your room can make a H-U-G-E difference in your room, but before you dive into that paint can, you should for sure prepare yourself with things to do before you paint your room you know so that you can avoid turning your paint job into a hot mess.Now we both know that painting a room is one of the cheapest ways to spruce up a room so I don't blame you for attempting to cross this project off your decorating TO DO list.  So what I want you to do now is hit the pause button on that paint job and read the tips that I'm about to share with you.  You can be all hard headed and keep it moving with your paint job and totally ignore these tips on things to do before you paint your room, but you will regret it.Mark my words.I'm glad you've decided to stick around for the painting tips.   Good Choice. :-) Now, I'm sure, you've already selected your paint color and color scheme so I won't dive into any of that so let's get to the things to do before you paint your room.Oh, but wait, I almost forgot to tell you about the free printable checklist I created for you to use before you start your paint job. Just check off the boxes to make sure that your paint job doesn't turn into a hot mess (enter your 411 below to grab it now).[magicactionbox id="6758"] Now for real, for real, onto the tips...

Things To Do Before You Paint Your Room: #1 Fix Your Walls

Cottage cheese looking walls is not the look we're going for here so please, please, please, fix your walls.Go and get yourself some wall spackle and a putty knife and use it to close up any holes or cracks that you have on your walls (this includes any scratches on your walls too).  I like to use this wall spackle because it goes on pink and turns white once it dries (genius!).One more thing, make sure you sand down any excess spackle to make sure your walls look nice and smooth.Don't you skip this step by thinking that paint is going to cover up these holes and not make them obvious. It won't.  Especially if you're using a semi-gloss or high-gloss paint sheen.  All of those imperfections will show through, but let's put that aside.  You don't want to do a half-assed paint job, so fix your walls before you paint.  Do it right the first time so that you won't have to paint your room for some time.

Things To Do Before You Paint Your Room: #2 Wipe Down Your Walls

Believe it or not, walls get dusty, cob webs form and it just isn't cute.What's also not cute is when you're in the middle of painting and notice that your paint brush or paint roller has dust balls on it.  Now guess what just became part of your new paint job?  Dust, which is so not cute and did I mention, a bitch to take off.Yeah, you can just use tape to tap on your dirty brush to get clean, which works like a charm, but who wants to waste time by cleaning brushes?  Avoid the hassle and just wipe down your walls. Okay?

Things To Do Before You Paint Your Room: #3 Move Furniture Out Of The Room

I know this can be a bitch to do, but it will save you from a huge headache and sore body.Imagine trying to paint AND move furniture from one side of the room to the other.  Now that's annoying and is going to have you wake up all sore the next day!  It takes time away from actually painting because you have to set down your paint brush, move a heavy sofa to the opposite wall and then continue with painting and repeat throughout the entire room.  Move your furniture twice: out of the room and back into your room and just concentrate on painting and nothing else.

Things To Do Before You Paint Your Room: #4 Use Painter's Tape

You'll need to use painter's tape to tape off your base boards, crown molding or ceiling and anything else you don't want to paint over like electrical outlets.Now I'm not going to do you dirty and try to convince you that this will be quick to do. Nope, it will actually take some time to get this done in your entire room, but let me tell you just how worth it it'll be.[magicactionbox id="6758"] Planning my friend is what makes decorating a room stress-free.If you're anything like me, you're heavy handed with a roller brush, which most likely means that you'll totally miss the "stop" mark (which is about 3 inches from your base board, crown molding or ceiling) and paint right pass your wall and onto your base board, ceiling or crown molding (not cool).  Then you'll have to run and get a damp cloth to try and rub off the "screw up" paint from your ceiling (again. not cool).To tape off your base boards, crown molding or ceiling, just rip off the painter's tape in about 12 inch lengths and go around your room tapping off your base boards, crown molding or ceiling.  Once they're all covered and let's say that heavy hand of yours just happens to paint pass your wall, the painter's tape will be there to have your back and block the paint from going onto any areas where it doesn't need to be.Once you're done painting and the paint has dried, just peel off the tape (make sure to pull the tape towards you for a cleaner look) and voila, you're done!Another way is to use these paint edger tools, which are cool, but again if you're heavy handed like me, you'll most likely put way too much paint on them and of course the paint will go where it doesn't need to go.  These also work great to reach tall areas like vaulted ceilings since you're able to screw in a pole (I use the pole on my broom).Anyways, it's totally your choice: painter's tape or paint edger tool.

Things To Do Before You Paint Your Room: #5 Remove Hardware

I can't tell you how many times I've seen people try to paint around curtain rods or even a flat screen TV (yup a TV!).  You are going to lose your mind trying to paint around stuff.Take it down and just paint the hassle free way.  Just you, the paint brush and your wall.  Nice right?[magicactionbox id="6758"]

Things To Do Before You Paint Your Room: #6 Get The Right Painting Supplies

Even if you're on a tight budget, it's always a good move to have the right supplies for your decorating project.  Now you don't have to go all out and splurge on top notch things, but you should at least get some decent supplies.  Here are some basic painting supplies to make your paint job go smooth like butter baby:

  • roller
  • angled paint brush
  • painter's tape or paint edger tool
  • small paint bucket with handle (optional, but super helpful so that you don't have to lift and carry that heavy ass gallon of paint up and down the ladder to reach the ceiling)
  • ladder
  • drop cloth ( I don't really use these since I make sure to move as much furniture as possible out of the room, but if you don't or can't for whatever reason, these are good to use to keep paint from splashing on your stuff)
  • tray and tray liner
  • paint can opener or a flat head screw driver will do the trick just as good

You can also just go with a paint starter set from Home Depot or any hardware store, that contains all of the basic paint supplies you'll need to get you through your paint job.  Then just simply get any extras that will make your paint job less of a headache separately.There you have the 6 things to do before you paint your room.If you’re still stumped on decorating your place and need help, I’d be glad to give you a hand.  Just check me out here.