Easy and Affordable Christmas Decor Ideas


With Christmas fast approaching, you may be freaking out about gift shopping for everyone on your list.  Perhaps the last thing that you have on your mind is dressing up your home for the holidays, but I’m going to give you a few christmas decor ideas that will give your home a festive facelift, without breaking the bank or your sanity. Oh and they are affordable too!

[highlight background_color="" text_color="e82727"]Dress Up Your Chandelier[/highlight]

Thread some acorns on a string and hang from your chandelier.  Don’t have acorns, how about some left over ornaments?Photo via realsimple.com

[highlight background_color="" text_color="e82727"]Pretty Up Your Candles with Berries[/highlight]

Add a touch of warmth with berries.  You can get faux berries for super cheap at the dollar store.Photo via BHG

[highlight background_color="" text_color="e82727"]Greetings With a Wreathe[/highlight]

Create or buy a festive wreathe.  If you go the creative route like I have (hey it’s in my DNA!)  buy a circle shaped stylar foam, cover it with some pretty ribbon and pin on a few decorative pieces.  Try some ornaments, acorns or bells for a festive touch. Photo via Emily Carpenter on Pinterest

[highlight background_color="" text_color="e82727"]Garland for your Staircase or Window[/highlight]

Switch it up and don’t opt for the traditional greenery garland.  This year, make one out of Christmas ornaments.Photo via DIYenthusiasts.com

[highlight background_color="" text_color="e82727"]Fill Up Your Vases[/highlight]

Give your home a white winter wonderland feel by filling your clear vases with fake snow.Photo via BHG

[highlight background_color="" text_color="e82727"]Festive Picture Tree[/highlight]

Collect some tree branches and jazz them up with some glitter paint, spray or acrylic paint and then place them in a vase, add some berries and use them as picture holders.  You can also lay them on your mantle and tie some colorful bows onto them. They will be the perfect conversation starter for the evening.Photo via BHG[highlight background_color="" text_color="e82727"]Now let me hear from you.[/highlight]  How are you dressing up your home for the holidays?  [highlight background_color="" text_color="e82727"]Don’t be shy, share by leaving a comment below.[/highlight]