How To Plan Your Room: The Ultimate Guide for Your Room Decorating Project


You've finally thrown up your hands in disgust and come to the realization that your room needs a transformation, but you're stuck.

So many decisions to make: furniture, colors, style.

I know, you have a migraine from just thinking about all of the TO DOs on the ever growing list.

Now that you've admitted that you and your room have issues, let's get to how you are going to tackle this decorating project of yours.

First things first, you must have a plan.  Without this, you will be pulling your hair out in despair.  Trust me.

So let's discuss how to put your plan together.  In other words, let's get to work about how you are going to plan your room decorating project.


You are going to decide how you want to feel when you walk into your room.  Think about this for a moment.  Close your eyes if you have to.  Now open them and write down all of the words that popped up for you.


Have you thought about what you will be doing in this room of yours?  How will you be using your room?  Sleep, entertaining, eating, etc.


How much will you spend?  This one is super important.  Especially for that time when you will walk into a store and see the perfect item for your room, except for that price tag.  It's going to make you cry like a baby.  When this happens and it will, you are going to want to hold back on your urge to splurge.   Don't you even start thinking about how you can squeeze the expense into your budget because we both know that you are stronger than that!

Your answers to these, will determine the choices you make for lighting, paint colors, accessories, furniture and anything else for your room transformation.

Now we've tackled this, let's move onto the fun stuff shall we?

We are going to build your interior design tool bag.  Grab a pretty bag or a ziploc bag will do too!  I won't laugh, I'm not the fashion police.  No fines here.

You'll need:

Tape measure

You're going to have to measure your room and any furniture that you plan on including in your design.  While you are at it, draw up a little sketch of your room and include the measurements.   You do not want to be the one that buys an ultra cool sofa, but then you start cursing up a storm bc when it arrives it doesn't freaking fit!  Bummer!  So on your next shopping trip, don't you be shy!  You better take out that sucker and start measuring.  Who cares if people will think that you are a bit OCD.

Paint Chips

No matter how cool your computer is, you are going to want to step away from your screen and take your buns on over to the paint store to get your fingers on some paint chips.  That is the only way to know for sure that the color you've been eyeing online is perfect for your room.  Oh and while you are there, don't forget to put paint chip under the light.  You know that light thingy that's at the paint store collecting dust?  You know that one that no one uses?  Well I'm here to tell you something that the paint store won't.  That that little sucker is there to save you money.  It'll show you how your paint color will look under different types of lighting.  Shocking right?  SO USE IT!

Inspiration Pics

These can be magazine tear outs, pics you've taken on your phone or even images that you've found on Pinterest or Houzz that have tickled your fancy.  It's what you know you like and they will keep you on track when shopping or picking out paint colors, furniture, art or anything home decor.

Pics of Your Room

You won't remember every detail about your room.  Yeah sure, you'll have your measurements, but pics of your room will help for when you have a brain fart and you will because Interior Designer have them too.

Now that you're an expert at how to plan your room, you can throw up your hands and do a happy dance.  Then go and get your shopping on.  If you're still confused on how to do this, you can check out my eDesign service and let me do the planning for you.