Essentials For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving Dinner


Something new this year for Thanksgiving.This year we'll be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our home for the first time. (may the Lord be with me!) :-)That got me to thinking about how I can make this day of entertaining as stress free as possible.So I came up with some affordable gadgets to help make this day go easy peasy and wrinkle free smooth.So here they are:thanksgiving dinner essentials1. Beverage Tub  $69.952. Set Of 3 Cheese Cutters $12.953. Personalize Large Lazy Susan  $125  This large lazy susan takes care of having to deal with passing things across the table.  Just simply spin it and reach for your dish of choice.  It also allows for say it like you mean it!4. Dripless Baster   $19.95  Less mess = happy hostess! Check out the neat upright baster tip!  Isn't cool?!5. Stemless Wine Glasses (set of 12)  $24.99Though I can't guarantee that you won't spill your wine in these cute stemless glasses, but they sure will allow for a sturdier glass.  No tipping over here!6. Punch Bowl With Laddle $49.957. Gravy Boat with Warmer  $12.95  This is one of those common sense items that  I wonder why I didn't see it earlier.  How clever is this?  Simply insert a tea light candle and there you have it...warm gravy for the night!8. Flatware Caddy  $29.959. Serving Set $17.9510. Memo Stand $18.95No more having to keep repeating the items on the menu for the night.  Write and place at the dinner table for all to see!11. Plate Stacks $19-$24.95No broken dishes for you!  This plate stack will help you make it from the kitchen to the dining room table mess free!

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Which is your go to essential item for preparing your Thanksgiving dinner?  Share by leaving a comment below.May you and yours have a scrumptious Thanksgiving!  Sending you lots of love!  hearts