Wow Your Guests With These Simple Thanksgiving Centerpieces


I don’t know about you, but I love anything simple and now that we are full swing into the holiday season, I’m loving simple things even more, especially when it comes to decorating ideas.There’s so much chaos going on during the holidays, well at least in my home that’s what it’s like and the last thing that I want to have to worry about is trying to decorate my table for ThanksgivingTo save you from a huge decorating headache, I wanted to share with you my easy solution for decorating a table for Thanksgiving.Use a centerpiece.  Yup, it’s that simple!In my opinion, this is waaaay easier than trying to decorate each sitting area since all you have to worry about is creating one grand piece.  Done, done, done!Now I have more time to focus on my favorite part about Thanksgiving and that’s eating! :-)Before I get to that,  here are some simple thanksgiving centerpieces to give you some inspiration and get you started on making your table fabulous!

Use Edible Pieces

Get some colorful squashes pumpkins or even cabbage and use them as vases for some pretty flowers.  When you’re done with them, go ahead and use them for your favorite recipes.simple thanksgiving centerpieces-image1

Dress Up Your Chandelier

Use some colorful leaves and hang them from your chandelier.  I used this trick last year in our home and I loved it.  It was pretty and didn’t take up any much needed table space (we are a huge latin family!)simple thanksgiving centerpieces-image2

Use Clear Vases

Grab a few clear and tall vases and stuff them with mini pumpkins, acorns or branches.  How about spray painting them a gold color for a chic look?Simple Thanksgiving Centerpieces-image5

Take From Nature

Take a stroll outdoors and pick up some long branches and lay them on your table.  Spray paint some candles and pumpkins to make it all sparkly and chic.simple thanksgiving centerpieces-image3


Bunch a few up and add some burlap ribbon to the base to set a pretty and soft mood.simple thanksgiving centerpieces-image5See how it doesn’t have to be so hard?  It just takes a bit of imagination and maybe a trip to the dollar store to create a pretty centerpiece.

Your turn!

Which of the simple thanksgiving centerpieces did you like best?  Which will you try in your home this year to wow your guests?  Tell me all about it by leaving a comment below.Live Happy!Signature