How's Your Kitchen Spruce Up Going? Easy Kitchen Updates - Part 2



Although it’s only been a week since we hooked up, not in that way now! (take your mind out of the gutter missy! lol)

Remember when we spoke about Part 1 of Easy Kitchen Updates so you can spruce up your kitchen for the holidays?

Well in case you are like me and can’t remember what you did 5 minutes ago let alone last week, then click here to check out the easy kitchen updates from part 1.

Now that we are on the same page, let’s move on to the rest of the list ok?

Let’s get to it!

Add Color

Try going with color with your chairs or even by painting your kitchen walls.  You’d be surprised what some color can do to a space.

Easy Kitchen Updates - Pt 2-image3


 Expose Your Cabinets

Remove the doors on a couple of your cabinets and expose them with some pretty wallpaper, scrapbook paper, or even paint.  You can highlight some pretty dinnerware or accessories with this trick.

Easy Kitchen Updates - Pt 2 - image1


Add An Island

Need storage and some counter space?  Add a kitchen island.  You can even find foldable kitchen islands with wheels nowadays making it easy to roll and stow away when you need extra floor space.


Easy Kitchen Updates - Pt 2-image2


 Change Up Your Lighting

How about adding a pretty chandelier to your kitchen?  There’s no rule out there that bans chandeliers from kitchens.  Kitchens are rooms too so why not treat it as such?

Easy Kitchen Updates - Pt 2-image4


 Treat Yourself  With Some Flowers

What a more rewarding update than brightening up your kitchen with fresh colorful flowers?  It'll be such a sight to look at!

Easy Kitchen Updates - Pt 2-image5



The least expensive update for any room is to declutter, declutter, and declutter some more.  There are some cool organizational items out there nowadays that will make the time in your kitchen less hectic.  Organize the area under your sink and your overhead cabinets for peace of mind.

Easy Kitchen Updates - Part 2-image6


Your turn!

Which update are you going to try so that your kitchen can be all spruced up?  

Tell me all about it by leaving me a comment below!

Live Happy!