6 Zen Bedroom Essentials: Go From Anxious to Woosah



With so much going on these days like work, kids, and just the ups and downs of life, it can be a relief to get away from it all.

What better place to unwind, then in your own bedroom?

I feel you!  We have 4 kids and so we can't wait to relax after a loooong day.

I'm going to share with you some tips on how to create a zen bedroom that will make you feel oh so relaxed.  

Now it doesn't have to be so hard to create a room that invites you in and brings a sense of calmness to your hectic life.  

Check out the tips I put together to transform your bedroom into a zen bedroom.

Zen Bedroom Tip #1: Artwork

Dress up your walls with a relaxing piece of art.  It can embody a calm scenery or contain colors that are calming like this one from Allposters.com.  Whatever your style, you can find artwork that can add a serene feel to your room.

zen bedroom essentials

Zen Bedroom Tip #2: Paint

Wrap your walls in a nice calming paint color.  It will be sure to make you unwind as soon as you step into your room.  Try a calming shade like blue or green, such as Breathe of Fresh Air (806) or Castleton Mist (hc-1) from Benjamin Moore's 2014 Wall Color Trends collection.

zen bedroom paint colors

Zen Bedroom Tip #3: Accessories

Bring in some items that are zenful and make you feel relaxed.  It can be something with a natural element, like a plant or how even something that is zen-like, like a monk statue.

I love these accessory pieces from Pier1; they are small and subtle, which means that can be incorporated into any decor style.  Each one embodies the saying: see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. How cute!

zen bedroom essentials

Zen Bedroom Tip #4: Textures

Bring in some fabrics that will make you say woosah.

That can be in the form of curtains, bedding or even throw pillows.  I selected these from CB2 because they are ultra soft; made out of cotton and you have the option of choosing the type of insert material that you prefer (plush feather-down or lofty down-alternative).

zen bedroom essentials

Zen Bedroom Tip #5: Candles

There's something about candles that shift your mood and help you to unwind.  Get some in your favorite fragrance or color to match your decor.  I like this one from World Market.  It comes with a lid so that when your candle has burned out, you can then use it to contain your jewelry oh and the scent is sooo calming.

zen bedroom essentials-candle

Zen Bedroom Tip #6: Lighting

Turn your lights down a notch by installing a dimmer.  It's a cheaper alternative to purchasing new lighting for your room.  The best part is that you can take control of the mood you want to set in your room.  You can find these clever gadgets in an assortment of colors as well.

zen bedroom essentials-dimmers

There you have it! My 6 tricks for transforming your bedroom into a zen bedroom.  Did you notice how all of the items are in the same color family?  Cool right?

Your turn!

I want to hear from you now.  Which item can you incorporate into your bedroom to give it a zen feel?  Tell me all about it in the comment section below.

If you are loving these tips, but want one-on-one help with decorating your room, then head on over to my e-Decorating services here.  We’ll work together to transform your room.