How To Decorate with Cinco De Mayo Home Decor: Arriba!


Usually the first thing that comes to mind when people bring up Cinco de Mayo are margaritas and tequila, but I'm going to put a spin on things and talk with you about cinco de mayo home decor.  

I love mexican decor or just world decor period, but before we get started, I need you to get rid of all of those visuals of religious Guadalupe statues, crosses and colorful walls that you might remember from movies like American Me and Fools Rush In. Yeah it's about color, but it's also about rich and vibrant textures, patterns and what I love most is that it reminds me of my country, Guatemala (where my mami is from).  There are lots of similarities between the two countries: beans, tortillas, pyramids and textiles just to name a few.

Because these items are dear to my heart, I wanted to show you some cinco de mayo home decor items that really stood out for me on the good old internet.  

Let's do this...

Cinco de Mayo Home Decor Items

Cinco De Mayo Home Decor:What better way to start off than with the famous Mayan Calendar or wall plaque?  This piece is stunning and I really love how it's not so in your face mexican looking, it's subtle, yet it screams Mexico or Mejico like my latinos would say (prounounced mehiko for my non-spanish speaking peeps out there).  Give your kitchen cabinets or an old dresser a new colorful twist with these handpainted knobs ,,, oh sooo pretty.

Metal is very popular in mexico and when I spotted this planter, it just reminded me of mexico, but with a modern twist.  Super chic.  This rug caught my eye because of its rich colors and that it is not your more well known mexican fabric like the one on the ottoman. This piece really brought me back to that summer that I spent in Guatemala when I was 10 years old with my two sisters.  The fabric looked like the clothing that my people wore in Atitlan, Guatemala.  That summer was such a culture shock I tell you, but the memories, were all so worth it.

Back to the present, let's discuss the platter.  Perfect for entertaining for Cinco de Mayo or any occasion.  

Did I inspire you enough for you to include some of these cinco de mayo home decor items into your room?  Not feeling confident enough that you could pull it off?

Then how about I help you?  Hit me up here and let's chat!