Need To Escape The Kids? Zen Out With These Mom Cave Essentials



I know you love your kids  What mom doesn't.  

I do, but I also know that I need a well deserved break here and there so that I don't lose my sanity and the people around me don't get their heads cut off.  :-)

Now I have four rugrats and although they drive me nuts, I love them to pieces and could never see myself doing anything more exhausting, yet super rewarding than being a mom to them.  

With all that said, that doesn't mean that a break from the responsible, put together role and car pooling, diaper changes, drools and everything else that comes along with being a mom isn't needed.  

What better way to get away from the madness than to retreat to a mom cave?  Now you can't just throw any old thing in a mom cave and call it a mom cave.  oh no! There are some necessities or mom cave essentials that every mom cave space needs.  

Before we get started, I put together some pieces that make my heart smile and instantly zen me out and they all fall under the mom cave essentials list.

mom cave essentials

Mom Cave Essentials: A Comfy Chair

Who doesn't like to curl up and escape in a good book?  But you can't just curl up in any old chair.  Nope!  It must not only be stunning, but most importantly comfortable and this chair does just that for me.

Mom Cave Essentials: An Ottoman

I know that your feet could use a break from all of the running around that you do.  Well complain no more of sore feet because this ottoman is perfect for putting your feet up and just relaxing.

Mom Cave Essentials: A Bar Cart

I don't know about you, but I can't live without a glass of white wine or sweet moscato and if you're anything like me, you'll want your drink near you at all times, you know to unwind just a bit faster and this bar cart fits the bill.  Now for all of those out there with a small space, I would so use this as a side table.  Perfect for keeping your glass close to you at all times :-)

Mom Cave Essentials: Artwork That Makes You Smile

As soon as I laid eyes on this piece, I just fell in love.  Now if only she had short curly hair, I'd be staring into my twins eyes! lol  All jokes aside, this is totally me at night with my pjs and a good ol' glass of wine in hand.

Mom Cave Essentials: A Rug

You need something that will be soft to your feet once you're done relaxing them on your soft ottoman and a rug does just that.

Mom Cave Essentials: Candles

I just love to burn candles at night even more when they're scented.  There's just something about a burning candle that just instantly zens me out.

Mom Cave Essentials: Throw Blanket

Cozy up to a soft throw blanket, on your comfy chair, while reading a good book.  Now that's a combo that I'd like to have.

Mom Cave Essentials: A Vase

Now you are one special woman and with that said, you've got to treat yourself now and then to some beautiful flowers and you can't have flowers without a pretty vase to put them in.

Mom Cave Essentials: Lamp

Setting the mood is key in any space.  So you're not going to skimp when it comes to your mom cave, you've got to have lighting.  Now I chose a floor lamp since this bar cart is going to serve double duty for me (bar cart and side table) and with the candles and all, it'll be way too cluttered and so floor lamp it is.  I love the bold dark wood, it's add a nice mix with all of the gold glam items going on in this space.

Mom Cave Essentials: Trinket

You've got to show off your personality in your space somehow and one way to do that are with trinkets.  I love this buddha head because it just gives any room a relaxing feeling and in a mom cave who doesn't need to feel relaxed? Can I get an AMEN?

So there you have my mom cave essentials that every mom should have in a space that they can call of their own.  

Now I say space, because not all of us can have one room dedicated to ourselves.  With that said these pieces can all work in a corner of a room that's why it's super important to think about how you can get more than one use out a piece.

Did I inspire you enough for you to create a mom cave for yourself?  If I heard a loud yes, then you go girl, but if you're not feeling confident that you could pull this off all on your own then how about I help you?  Hit me up here and let’s chat!