Learn How To Decorate With Global Style & Look Like You've Traveled The World


Are you into unique patterns and bold colors when it comes to your space?  Do exotic pieces like Buddhas and elephants really get you excited?  (not in that way silly! lol)Well I'm right there with you girl!  I L-O-V-E to decorate with colorful and exotic pieces. Personally, I can't get enough of a combo of this decorating style and the mid-century decorating style.  In my opinion, they are the perfect match.  I love how the global style instantly makes your room look like you've traveled the world without having to whip out your passport yet the mid-century style tones things down a bit with it's clean lines!With any decorating style, if you don't know what you're doing, can get tricky.  So as always I'm here to save the day and make you look all well traveled and all.  So let's break down how to decorate with global style so that your room can begin to look like you've hired a decorator (sshhh - it'll be our little secret).The famous global decorating style is all about rich textures, bold patterns and color, color, color (did I mention color?).  Some of the ways that you can incorporate these things into your space are with rugs, pillows, curtains, art or even trinkets just to give you an idea.To keep that idea going, I whipped up a mood board to give you a visual about what I mean when it comes to decorating with the global style.So leave your passport at home and keep on reading to check out the global style pieces.How To Decorate with Global Style imageI'm sooo excited about all of these pieces!  So much that while I was sourcing the items for this post, I was super tempted to whip out my card and start clicking that buy now button, but I didn't! (maybe next time!)How can you not love that Buddha wall piece?  It would be the perfect piece to turn any old wall into a focal wall or even a headboard for your bed.  Check out that chandelier, it is perfection.  I'm really feeling how the carved holes let out the perfect amount of light to give any room a warm glow and cozy feeling.  The set of ceramic vases are sooo pretty and colorful!  I can just picture them being made just like in the movie Ghost, well not quite in that way (damn Patrick Swayze was so hot), but you get my drift right?  Call it a stool or a side table, all I know is that I'm drooling over this piece.  The color is to die for and the detail in the pattern puts the icing on the cake for me.  These baskets really scream global.  The pattern, the colors, the texture, it really fits the bill to the T.  Now that rug is perfect for someone who wants to ease into decorating in a global style.  It's color is subtle, but the pattern is so exotic.  Love saris like I do?  How cute is this pillow made out of different patches of sari fabric?  Super soft, colorful and just of the hook global ( I can so hear the indian music in the background-reminds me of my childhood; btw I grew up in a big Indian, Caribbean, black and Latin neighborhood).  That mirror is a show stopper with it's rich colors and pattern.  Mount it on the wall or stand it up against a wall.  Either way, it's perfect for making a a global statement or making any small space seem bigger.  Last, but not least is that headboard. I was going to go with one with curves, but something about the simplicity in this one that really caught my eye especially the gold and shimmery fabric.  It ties right into the global style that we're after.  Anyways, you don't want each and every piece in your room to be over the top global.  Sprinkle it in, sprinkle it in my friend!

There you have it!  My tips on how to decorate with global style.

Now go ahead and turn your room into an oversees treasure.  Still feeling lost with all of this decorating stuff?  Need some one-on-one decorating help?  Then hit me up!