6 Decorating Lies HGTV Wants You To Believe


I'm not going to front, I love me some HGTV, but I must admit that I've stopped watching them when they went overboard with all of the House Hunter real estate shows and not to mention watching all of the shows that showcase the decorating lies HGTV wants you to believe.I still have a lot of love for the older shows like, Get It Sold, Hi/Lo Project, Dear Genevieve, Color Splash and Sarah's House just to name a few, but I need to get real for a quick sec about what has always pissed me off about HGTV.  Decorating Lies HGTV Wants You To BelieveI'm sure they don't mean any harm and just want to inspire you to decorate your room, but they've never kept it 100% real.What I mean by that is, HGTV has this bad habit of making viewers think that decorating is super easy and can be super inexpensive.  I mean sure if you want to end up with a hot mess of a room, but I'm here to unveil the decorating lies HGTV wants you to believe (I have 6 that I want to share with you)

Decorating Lies HGTV Wants You To Believe: #1

You can so renovate a place for $2ooo.   Really?! (head turned to the side with a "what you talking about Willis" look on my face).Hell nah! (in my Beyonce voice)You will blow your budget on contractor fees and supplies alone (let's not even begin to tally up furniture costs), so this one is total bullshit.  You cannot renovate your place for $2000.Have you ever noticed that during these episodes, the host always has contractors at their becking call just waiting to complete their long list of decorating projects?  Supplies are always miraculously handy and somehow the room always gets magically redesigned with little to no money (of course, always with the help of the homeowner).Bullshit.That's why I love me some DIY Network TV.  My favorite show is Renovation Realities.It showcases a bunch of realistic projects, budgets that never stay on budget and homeowners who start off all happy go lucky thinking they can complete a project fast and cheap and end up pissed off as shit when reality sinks in (like the many times I've watched someone's failed attempt of trying to complete a kitchen renovation for $2000 by the end of a weekend).I love to grab me some popcorn, sit back and watch this comedy show because it is always f-u-n-n-y!

Decorating Lies HGTV Wants You To Believe: #2

Anyone can pull off decorating a room.  How hard can it be to revamp a table with a little paint and sand paper or move around some furniture.  Right?Wrong!  It takes time to pull of these decorating projects.  I mean even the simplest of things like painting a room takes time.  First you have to pick out paint colors, prep your room, paint, then clean up and clean up again.  Next thing you know two hours have passed by or even worse, your whole damn weekend is wasted.HGTV makes these decorating projects look easy and like they can be done in no time so when you are cursing up a storm in the middle of your next "easy decorating project in under 30 minutes", thank HGTV's editing team for making you believe this lie.Bottom line it takes time to decorate a room and it isn't as easy as HGTV makes it look.

Decorating Lies HGTV Wants You To Believe: #3

Stainless steel appliances are all the shit and are the only way to go.There are other colors that exist like black that are just as cool.  I mean to be honest, stainless steel leaves too many finger prints for me and I hate having to do any extra cleaning especially with my little ones running around touching everything.

Decorating Lies HGTV Wants You To Believe: #4

Dark colors will make your room seem smaller.Not always the case.Dark colors add warmth to a room.  They make it seem cozy so if a room has good lighting, dark colors will not make it seem smaller.  If love dark colors, but are scared of your room looking small, go for it.Take the plunge and try using dark colors in your room.  You won't regret it.

Decorating Lies HGTV Wants You To Believe: #5

Granite countertops are a must.Personally, I don't like granite counter tops.  I think they are played out big time and on top of that they require too much maintenance since it's a natural material and needs to be resealed once a year.I prefer quartz, it's pretty and maintenance free not to mention, stain/heat resistant and scratch free and if you know me, I love, love me anything that is maintenance free.  Another maintenance free option is soap stone.

Decorating Lies HGTV Wants You To Believe: #6

Everyone needs an open floor plan.Not at all.  With the exception of the kitchen being open to the living room, some of us like a traditional floor plan where let's say the dining room is in it's own room.  Some people don't even have a big enough space to even consider an open floor plan.An open floor plan isn't for everybody.

There you have it!

Sorry to burst your decorating bubble, but like I said, I always keep it real and never want to steer you wrong or give you false expectations about the process of decorating a room.If you’re still feeling stuck with decorating your space & need one on one, keepin' it real help, hit me up here.