Green Isn't Just For Saint Patty's Day: 6 Stylish Green Home Decor Items Revealed


Saint Patty's Day is almost here!Get your beer mugs ready woohoo, but before you go and get wasted, hang with me to see how you can sprinkle some green home decor items into your space all in the name of Saint Patty's Day.Now I L-O-V-E me some green, in fact it's my favorite color!  Did I say that I love it?  Yeah I did, didn't I?  I can't get enough of it.Now that Spring is here, it's the perfect time to add it to your room.  So, being the proactive gal that I am, I put together a few green pieces for you to check out & maybe add to your space.So here's the list:Saint Patty's Day  1 Now that mirror is da bomb isn't it?  I love the color and all of the detail-it'll for sure make a nice focal point in a room and check out that vase! It so reminds me of my mother's native Guatemala-it's gorgeous!Wallpaper can be affordable nowadays, if you're not feeling all of the elbow work that goes into installing it, then check out some wall decals instead.  I picked out this one here because it reminded me of the Brandy Bunch.  It just seems so mid-century feely to me (if that's even a word! lol) In other words, I love it!How about that damn sofa?!  OMG, now that's a banger, it's velvet, green and oh so sophisticated. Hot damn!I picked this artwork because it puts a spin on the played out Eiffel Tower prints that I've seen out there.  It's colorful and I love how they turned it upside down.  Cool right?  Now last, but certainly not least are these simple yet super chic bowls.  Love, love, love!

There you have it.

My picks of green home decor items inspired by st. patty's day.  Now go get your drink on, but don't get wasted now!Oh, but before you go, if you've been trying to piece this decorating shit together all on your own, but you're catching a headache instead then check out my one-on-one edesign service here.