Don’t Waste Time! Learn How To Decorate Using Mid Century Furniture the Right Way


So when it comes to furniture for your room, you're really feeling clean lines and natural elements.  Sounds like you love mid century design chica.

This design style is one of my faves I must say.  It so reminds me of the Brady Bunch, but that's just me.  

If you don't know what you are doing, it can be a bit tricky to learn how to decorate using mid century furniture, but not for you missy.  Why not you might be thinking? Well because I'm here to school you.  You got this.  

Onto the 411 shall we?

Now mid century design is not only known for it's clean lines and natural elements, but also bold geometric patterns, you know like octagons, pentagons and those types of shapes, oh and bold stripes too (how could I almost forget the bold stripes-shame on me).  

To give you an idea of what I'm talking about, just in case I have you a bit confused and cross-eyed, check out this mood board I put together to give you some eye candy.

How To Decorate Using Mid Century Furniture

How To Decorate Using Mid Century FurnitureSee what I mean about the clean lines, bold patterns and natural elements?  You'll notice that none of these pieces are bulky either.  That's what mid century design is all about = simple yet comfy design.

Check out that sofa, no curves at all on this baby = clean lines.  It's gorgeous, especially the color.  Now the coffee table and wall shelf are made of wood and both have clean lines.  Are you seeing a pattern here?   What about that rug?  Talk about a bold and colorful pattern! Now that throw pillow has a very nature inspired pattern which goes perfect with mid century design. 

Look at that beauty of a chair.  Did you notice the clean lines and zero bulky legs?  Simple and classic baby.  In continuing the discussion on simplistic design, now is the perfect time to introduce that pendant.  No fancy details, just a pretty simple and clear pendant.  

Don't think you can find mid century inspired accessories?  Look at the jumping jack and gold sphere.  

There you have it!

All the info on how to decorate using mid century furniture!  Still feeling a bit cross-eyed and don’t think that you can pull this off on your own.  Need some one-on-one decorating help?  Then hit me up!